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You took a wrong turn, entered a hidden dungeon and now find yourself in the middle of an unholy ritual. Thrown into the pit with nothing more than a blunt dagger and scruffy robe, suddenly surrounded by a screeching, scraping flock of birds you feel the satanic rage engulf your vision, the primal hunger for blood taking over - and you just paint the walls red.

⛤Pledge allegiance to the demon bird⛤

The Satanic Bird Cult accepts up to 4 cultists for a frantic local-multiplayer brawl. Players dash around the underground cellar and compete in pinning birds to the dungeon walls.

➵ Pinning birds and gaining points

What every cultist thrives on is pinning as many birds as possible to the dungeon walls in order to summon the ancient one. A thrown dagger will travel through the air for a limited distance taking with it every bird it hits on the way. If the dagger hits a wall every encountered bird will be released from its pitiful fate and the player gains points.

➵ The eighth commandment

For the roguish cultist, it is possible to steal an opponents kill by interfering with their dagger with a skillfully aimed shot of their own.

➵ A dashing cultist robe

Players can freely run and dash around the dungeon floor and lure the mindless birds into a perfectly aligned multi-kill.

➵ The sigil on the wall

The glowing red sigil that moves over the wall is a direct portal to hell. Birds pinned to the sigil will sack the player an additional amount of points.

⛤Perform the ritual⛤

⛤Summon the ancients⛤

  • Samuel Femböck aka SamFembck - Game Design and Programming
  • Thomas Hofer aka SlowTom - Game Design and Programming
  • David Florian aka daweed_art - Game Design, Concept Art and 2D Animation

Satanic Bird Cult was developed as a student project at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg.


SBC_Beta.zip 50 MB