Guess what, it's a game about cubes!

In CubeCell you take control of one ordinary but colorful cube. To dodge the obstacles blocking your way you will have to jump, spin and even change the gravity!

Hitting the black blocks drains color from your brave cube and once it is completely achromatic your run ends. But touching the sides of the tunnel can be dangerous as well, so try to stay in the air and collect as many red items as possible to restore your color and crack your highscore!

Totally underrated features

Local highscore

The game saves your personal highscore!

Interactive menu

Adapt the game to your preferences by hitting the buttons in the menu! This toggles the different modules on or off making it easier or harder. Use the sliders in the menu to adjust the movement speed of the cube.

Dynamic background music

The background music transitions dynamically between two tracks based on how much damage the cube already took.

Alea iacta est - the controls

Keyboard Gamepad
Move sideways |A - D| or |Left arrow - Right arrow| Left stick
Change gravity Spacebar Button A
Pause game Esc Start

When the credits roll

Although CubeCell is just a small project there actually were quite a lot of people involved with it:


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