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Not USA is an absolutely apolitical game for two players about a fictional country that has no resemblance to any existing country whatsoever. It tells the tale of a man so angry he sets the whole country on fire and a rainy cloud on its mission to stop him and extinguish the flames of fury.


Experience a top-notch top-down local-multiplayer election-sim area control game with stunning visuals and a whole lotta sound effects. (developer comment: there really are a lot of sounds >__>)

  • one or four pigeons
  • educational input on how elections definitely should not work
  • the inimitable possibility to visit the beautiful state of Tensucky
  • cacti with hats (but they are tiny)
  • aggressive hairdos
  • the potential to just add water to the ground


Bold of you to assume that you have any control on the outcome of the election the weather. But you can certainly try!

Gamepad Controls

Both players can connect with a gamepad!

Keyboard Controls

If there are less than two gamepads available you can always resort to good old keyboard controls.



Sabrina Loder aka sabi-wasabi

Raffael Moser aka RaMo_teamhellep



Rosa Vabitsch aka kauris_art

Sandra Mayer aka artemiart_


Dorothée Sachsenhofer

Additional Voice Acting

Lionel Aßhauer


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notusa-windows.zip 30 MB
Version 3
notusa-mac.zip 33 MB
Version 2
notusa-linux64.zip 36 MB
Version 2
Not_USA_confidential_soundtrack.zip 25 MB

Development log


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i can't get past the main menu, i press A on the controller but nothing happens. sounds play when i hit x and b

Do you have two gamepads at disposal? Because this game is only playable with two players unfortunately >-<

ah rip, not right now



i love you

We introduced keyboard input with the latest post-gamejam update! Now you are able to play it with zero or one gamepad as well. :3

ok, had a chance to try it with a keyboard, it's really fun! You could maybe expand the game by adding more countries? Or even more characters? It's got some potential :D