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Panta Rhei is an adventure-roguelite where time is of the essence. As the Guardian of Time, you seek the origin of the Timeflow to uncover a mystery that brought time itself to a halt.


Every hit you receive is fatal but when you control time itself death is but a minor setback. Your power to revert the last few seconds saves you from lethal mistakes and allows for unexpected comebacks. Creating time rifts lets you reposition yourself in the blink of an eye to set up the perfect strike.


Your journey takes you through the Realm of Time, a mythical place once thriving with beauty. Now as the corruption takes hold it is teeming with dangerous creatures and hostile flora. With every run the realm changes its layout, exposing new threats and possibilities to explore. While the creatures tend to stay close to the dwindling Timeflow exploring further from its shores may reward you with precious temporary upgrades or secrets to uncover.


Main Features:

  • Engage in combat-heavy gameplay with a focus on melee combos and positioning
  • Use your unique time manipulation abilities to cheat death and outsmart your enemies
  • Explore a mythical Realm of Time where your actions influence future runs
  • Follow the Timeflow to its origin and build a unique set of upgrades with every run
  • Beat challenging corrupted creatures and unlock permanent abilities


panta-rhei-demo-windows 239 MB
Version 9 Jun 01, 2022
panta-rhei-demo-mac 254 MB
Version 8 Jun 01, 2022

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