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Entry for Pumpenkarls Infectious GameJam


Intruders detected! Several deadly viruses managed to contaminate the unknowing host and now it is up to the immune system to defend the somatic cells against the infection!

Protec Attac Infec  is an asymmetrical local multiplayer game which pitches one player as the immune system defending the host against an onslaught of hostile viruses trying to infect the cell. Up to four players take control of virus particles paddling their way towards the somatic cell aiming to inject their DNA into the host’s system, going down as the most infectious virus when the cell finally collapses. But it isn’t as easy as that when the immune system just keeps on fighting back! The player tasked with defending the somatic cell will try everything to stop the advancing germs by shooting them with projectiles, deploying leukocytes in their way and spawning deadly killer T cells to track down and exterminate the foreign objects.


The Controls:


Move by using the left stick or the shoulder triggers.


Aim - Left Stick or shoulder triggers

Shoot projectile - Press the A-Button to shoot a projectile that destroys viruses on impact.

Deploy Leukocyte - Press X-Button once to shoot a special projectile, press X a second time to spawn a leukocyte at the position of the projectile. Viruses get destroyed when running into a leukocyte.

Spawn killer T cells - Press the Y-Button to spawn killer T cells which track down and slow viruses.


The people behind this:

  • Raffael Moser aka RaMo_teamhellp - Game Design & Programming
  • Matthias Gölzner aka MalevolentGoat - Game Design & Programming
  • Valentina Lancellotti - 2D Art
  • Sandra Mayer - 2D Art
  • Dorothée Sachsenhofer - Sound Design


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